RIP Taylor Mead

flower thief taylor mead

Everytime someone amazing and creative dies the universe shifts a little. Taylor Mead died last week at age 88. He was an artist, a writer, an actor and a “bohemian,” (who also happened to come from a lot of money). I got introduced to him at Bard by my film professor Adolfas Mekas, who screened Ron Rice’s infamous beat film, The Flower Thief (1960) for us in our freshman year. If you are in NY, Anthology Film Archives screens all of these old amazing films, which can be otherwise hard to find. Next Thursday they are showing another one of our Bard professors’ films, Peggy Ahwesh’s The Deadman. Taylor Mead above and below. RIP Flower Thief.

Taylor Mead, The Lower East Side Biography Project, excerpt from biography from Steve Zehentner on Vimeo.

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