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The Letter

The letter written by Neal Cassady, which inspired Jack Kerouac’s writing style for On The Road and had been lost for 65 years was recently found in San Francisco in an old box. Like most liberal arts school graduates I … Continue reading

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Larry Fink, The Beats

Larry Fink, photographer and Bard professor extraordinaire, has a new book that came out from Powerhouse back in April. Larry is super cool and amazing. I was his stylist on a few shoots after I graduated from Bard, while we … Continue reading

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RIP Taylor Mead

Everytime someone amazing and creative dies the universe shifts a little. Taylor Mead died last week at age 88. He was an artist, a writer, an actor and a “bohemian,” (who also happened to come from a lot of money). … Continue reading

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Seven Days At Sundance 2013

When I’m standing in the press theatre line at Sundance, I am with my people. We laugh and cry during films, wax nostalgic about the volunteers whose faces we see year after year and get over excited and emotional about … Continue reading

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