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larry fink the beats

Larry Fink, photographer and Bard professor extraordinaire, has a new book that came out from Powerhouse back in April. Larry is super cool and amazing. I was his stylist on a few shoots after I graduated from Bard, while we were both with Bill Charles‘ agency, and he was incredible to work with. Aside from shooting every jazz musician under the sun and pretty much everyone you could ever want a glimpse of, he was also the go-to photographer for Vanity Fair parties (which I am guessing he secretly loved and hated). I remember when he and I did a shoot for Detour (pics below) while I was still assisting Polly Mellen, and she told me she was not a fan of his because apparently he took a not so flattering photo of her years ago. I doubt it was personal but more philosophical in the way we all over think the dilemma of “fashion” (we are all ‘bad feminists’) but at the time I didn’t have the balls to say that to Polly, who I loved then and now, even though she drove me crazy while I worked for her. Kiara (Alice Kabukuru) is the stunning magical girl in all three shots.

Larry Fink p1Larry Fink p2Larry Fink p3Larry Fink p4
Detour circa 1999

A framed polaroid I’ve kept all these years of Larry and I goofing around on set at the Detour shoot. He was probably talking about Marxism and I was telling him how weird it was to work in fashion and how crazy and somehow cool it was that Vogue had launched an edition in Russia of all places.

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