While my vacation was a technical bust because I ended up working the whole time (always a good thing, no complaints here) I did manage to see a lot of people I love and eat lots of great food in the company of great friends. Taryn Manning came into town for some events and a press junket for her new film “The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll” so I got to pull a ton of gorgeous threads for her which is always fun. My last night was a bit whirlwind. We drove out to the Hamptons Saturday afternoon with our friends Matt Levine and Taryn, who was doing a DJ set that night at Georgica where we were treated to a beautiful dinner by their chef Seth Levine (he is co-Executive chef and partners with another Gordon Ramsey “Hell’s Kitchen” alum, Chef Robert Hesse). This is their 3rd summer open, with a truffle smorgasbord menu, everything from white truffle goat cheese ravioli to white truffle lobster mac and cheese. I was also into the gorgonzola mashed potatoes but the seared diver scallops with quail eggs on top and country-corn pudding on the bottom, along with maple-glazed bacon and an apple cider reduction were my favorite. They were insane but pretty much everything on the menu fit into the mind-blowing category. All of which made up for the fact that I had to be up at 6am (after passing out at 4am) to catch a train back into the city, to catch a flight from JFK that afternoon. My vacation may not have actually happened this time around but there were definitely enough fun breaks in-between to make me not care too much. The insanely good scallops above and the reason why I was out until 4am below…

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