Nicolas Feuillatte Rose

At this point I am guessing my mother would say I have a problem. I talk about champagne way too much. I think about it, dream about and definitely drink a lot of it. And am always a little excited about finding a new twist to an old favorite. Nicolas Feuillatte, founded 35 years ago, is not only the #1 selling Champagne in France but also #4 in the world and their Rose Champagne is an amazing blend of pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier. I have been on a Rose kick for years way before the New York Times deemed it the politically correct drink for summer. It’s not only great for summer but year round. I promise. And yes, it’s perfect for girly parties and summer siestas because well, it is that gorgeous shade of pink. Drink up ladies. Thanks Jean-Pierre Vincent!

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