Jeff Kite EP

I Know You Better Than That by Jeff Kite

I have been obsessively listening to these tracks for two weeks now ever since Jeff Kite gave me a preview copy of the new (and debut) EP he is releasing. The songs have killer lyrics with a catchy melancholy-joy MGMT sound we all love. I met Jeff at Coachella a year ago when he first started playing with Julian Casablancas new band. Jeff spent the better half of last year traveling with Julian’s band and in between touring he worked on a few songs which he’s releasing this month. Drummer Alex Carpetis plays on some of these tracks and Warren Fu did the graphics above. Jeff is having a listening party with Anthony Polcino of Soft Pipes at Satellite in Silverlake tonight if you’re around. The listening starts at 9pm. Jeff Kite below, photographed in Los Angeles May 27, 2011.

On The Run by Jeff Kite
Lessons by Jeff Kite

Jeff also did the music in this rad French New Wave inspired video directed by Zach Kranzler that I totally dig. Click to watch…

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