Nabiha in LA

This past Saturday amidst Oscars madness I photographed and styled Danish born and now London based singer/songwriter Nabiha Bensouda a few hours before her first show in LA. She has a really powerful beautiful voice and I am obsessed with her music. She was fun and great to work with and we did everything above and below in an hour on top of my friend’s rooftop in Hollywood, half a block away from Hotel Cafe where she was playing that night at 8pm. Her first album was released February 2010 and in September 2011 Nabiha released a new international edit of that debut album on Sony now called More Cracks. More pics below…

Nabiha photographed in Hollywood on January 25, 2012, wearing a Geren Ford dress with Monika Chiang heels in the top photo and her own dress in the ones just above.

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