New (*and old favorite) Music

Missing Coachella this weekend for the first time in eight years so have to get my music fix in other ways. Luckily my inbox is constantly packed with great new sounds. Love this track, Wild from Meeka Kates, a single released five weeks ago. Lights has a new acoustic album, Midnight Machines, which came out last week that I’m into. I spent the last year listening to her album over and over again while on the road and the acoustic versions are beautiful. Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne, a band that belongs in every music festival, has a new album out in June and a few tour dates somewhere over the ocean. Another group in the same vein, who are playing Coachella this year and have a new album out, is St. Germain. I discovered both of them about fifteen years ago while on a trip to Paris for work. They both have a timeless sound, and their albums are on that list of artists which never get old (Miss Kittin, Everything But The Girl, New Order, Minor Threat, Operation Ivy and PJ Harvey are on the list too). Listen to one of my all time favorite tracks from Saint Etienne, “We’re In The City,” above and Miss Kittin below. I really am sad to miss Coachella this year, the line up is one of the best in years. Have fun, don’t do drugs in the sun, drink water and wear sunscreen!

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