TV Party Tonight!

It is not news that the best things to watch are on TV right now so I am counting the days until September when my favorite shows start up again. I just recently (finally!) watched both seasons of Treme (back to back, I couldn’t help it) and it may be the one thing that convinces me to order cable again, which I haven’t had for over five years (who needs cable when you have Hulu and iTunes?) Parenthood, which is one of my guilty pleasures (Jason Ritter is beyond adorable) along with Hart of Dixie (massive crush on Wilson Bethel, I can’t lie and I adore Rachel Bilson), starts up again on NBC September 11th at 10pm and October 2nd respectively for Hart on the CW. Revenge, another fabulous guilt inducing drama packed with some of my favorite young ladies, begins on ABC September 30th at 9pm along with Homeland on Showtime the same night at 10pm. Happy Endings, a totally underrated show on ABC starts up again October 23rd. Treme season three premiers on HBO September 23rd at 10pm. And did I mention my latest obsession? Mindy Kaling’s new show. Enough said. That girl somehow dug into the recesses of my mind, stole all my problems and issues along with my sick obsession with romcoms. HOW DID SHE KNOW??? Watch the first episode of The Mindy Project and the trailer from Season 3 of Treme below…

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