A Stones’ Throw

A few years ago a friend of mine insisted on taking me into Tiffany’s on Fifth Ave and having me try on diamond rings. She was fresh off the happy boat of a recent wedding and thought trying on two million dollar rings would help me forget my boyfriend at the time. The logic still escapes me… However, that forced fitting did help me to finally understand the lure of ‘the rock’. I was never the girl to obsess over weddings and rings, always more interested in traveling, working and just living life freely but suddenly it became clear to me that there was very good reasoning behind the fascination with fine jewelry that had previously passed me by. Hence, I have become a devoted follower of jewelry that I admittedly can’t afford to buy myself but am happy to live vicariously through those that can. So happy shopping to those that can! There is no need to ask the price because as they say, if you must ask, you can’t afford it… And if you can’t afford it, well, its better not to know… Givenchy’s Amazing Cuff, Above Tiffany’s Cobblestone Bracelet, Above & Fancy Yellow Diamond Rings, Below , I am also totally obsessed with the Ward Kelvin Nest and Bamboo rings, also below and this bracelet from Tacori is gorgeous.

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