Any Excuse to Talk About My Dream Kitchen

I am a media junkie like no other. Love following the changes in the publishing world and happy to use today’s announcement to further my own decorative cause. Margaret Russell, soon to be ex-Editor in Chief of Elle Décor, has been named Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest. She succeeds Paige Rense Noland, 81, who has been with the magazine since 1975 and will retire at the end of this month. Ms. Russell begins working on her first issue as of September 7th. That is as good excuse as any for me to wax poetic about my dream kitchen (see above, and the image below is a close second… And I’m pretty sure the same kitchen used in that awesome film “Something’s Gotta Give” from a few years ago…) If I could combine these two kitchens I’d be in heaven. I love the wooden details and shabbiness of the one above but the bookshelves, stove and tiles in the kitchen below… well, they make me sigh with dreamy pleasure…

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