A Week of Health & Beauty

This week turned into a smorgasbord of health and beauty. I finished my iZO Cleanze yesterday and woke up missing the routine. The cleanse was fantastic and just what I needed. I’m a hard sell on cleanses and think most of them are super unhealthy. This is the first one where I really feel it’s not only effective but HEALTHY. I feel happy, clear headed, light and refreshed. My hair and skin have been glowing since day two of the cleanse and I dropped a few pounds without being hungry. It was amazing. I could feel my body sated with the nutrients in the juices and teas and want to do it again ASAP. I am a firm believer in cleansing yourself of all the toxins we consume daily. They come in so many forms its shocking and what most people believe to be healthy actually isn’t but that’s a whole other post. And you can’t really do a cleanse without a visit to Talya at Clear Way which is what I did on the 5th day. I would have done it every day if I could and I think it’s the best way to do a cleanse. One of the other benefits of cleansing is that it leaves your palette completely refreshed. Everything tastes amazing and you don’t need as much flavoring (i.e. salt if that’s an issue…) to make food taste good. This cleanse makes it so easy by having everything at your door by 6am and virtually doing everything for you. All you have to do is drink the juices and teas once an hour and you stay full while your body gets clean and healthier. It also puts you on the path to healthier living organically by eliminating cravings for foods that are bad for you. I have been obsessing with it all week to anyone who would listen.

Since the week was already filled with maintenance and upkeep I decided to take up a friend’s offer to come and try a really great peel. I get asked to try lots of products and procedures which I love to do but every once in a while I get introduced to something I get hooked on because it really works as promised. This week I was invited to try the Illuminize Peel at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. I have never gone under the knife or had botox or fillers but am a big fan of peels, microdermabrasion and creams so this was the perfect thing to try here. The first thing the technician did was put my face under the woods lamp analysis to see what my skin really looked like beyond the naked eye. It was a relief to learn the last time she had seen ‘normal healthy skin’ was on a ten year old… The peel itself took a few minutes to apply and I left it on for several hours according to the instructions without any discomfort or redness and went about my day fifteen minutes after walking through the door, sans make up. I could see clarity in my skin within the hour and it felt amazing. There is really nothing like feeling clear headed and light in every possible way.

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