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I’ve learned a few tricks after all these years in fashion & beauty and one of my favorite cheaper alternatives is using Witch Hazel instead of expensive toners. Or making a scrub out of crushed aspirin pills. Just crush, mix with water and apply. Makes your skin feel like silk! That aside I am still, much to one of my friends chagrin, admittedly a high end beauty product junkie. I refuse to believe that the products don’t work or only work in a superficial way (frankly, I don’t care if its a facade…) These are a couple of my favorite products that totally work for me.

For years I used a concealer that was a combo of foundation and powder and for years my make up artist friends would tell me that I should switch to just foundation. I was always nervous that a foundation alone would make my skin break out but alas once I succumbed and tried it I found that Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Foundation not only made my skin look porcelain but it never made my skin break out! Its available at most major department stores and online for $40.

I also just started using this Red Tea Infused Daily Scrub from Goldfaden a week ago and am already completely obsessed. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel smooth and clean. I love it! $65.00

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  1. I’ve been looking for a great foundation. Thanks, I’m going to definitely try this one out!

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