Belle and Sebastian

I love Belle and Sebastian. To me they are the better version of Morrissey and The Smiths which I admittedly never liked when I as in high school (though I really love the video for the song ‘Panic’). I think Jack Black put it beautifully in Nick Hornby’s film version of High Fidelity when he called it “sad bastard music” in his genius opening monologue, one of my all time favorite scenes in a film full of brilliant gems. Granted ‘sad bastard music’ may sound somewhat derogatory but I think not. There is nothing wrong with sad bastard music, especially when it makes you sublimely happy. Yes, an oxymoron for sure but what isn’t these days. Plus, how genius is that line, “sad bastard music”. It all just makes me happy. Their new album Write About Love comes out today in the US.

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