Cecconi’s Pumpkin Margarita

I love Fall and it is admittedly difficult to remember what month it is here let alone the season (sorry LA but going from 80 degrees to 70 is not a season) so it’s nice to be reminded that it is October, Halloween is almost upon us and it’s time for frothy pumpkin drinks. LA has a wonderful way of blending the native with the new. For years it was the only place you could get Jalopenos with your sushi. And so it somehow makes sense that the Pumpkin Margarita is born here at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood… 8764 Melrose Ave, 310.432.2000 www.cecconiswesthollywood.com

Glass: Double Old Fashioned
Garnish: grate fresh cinnamon stick over top
Method: shake and double strain over rocks
2 oz Don Julio anejo tequila
½oz pumpkin syrup
½oz fresh lime juice
1oz fresh pumpkin puree*
*(pumpkin from farmers market baked with cinnamon nutmeg & clove and pureed)

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