Choices Music Video

I directed and styled this music video for a young musician out of NYC back in 2006. We did it with absolutely no budget because I thought she had a lot of talent and was banking on that. Literally, no budget. I bought her clothes at Forever 21 for $80, put it together with her own tights and boots. The day of the shoot at my friend Gina’s place in Rhinebeck New York it was just the three of us on set: her manager pressed play on the CD player for her to sing to while I shot the whole thing on an old 16mm Bolex. No assistants, no lighting equipment, no 2nd cameras, just me, a Bolex and her singing. Back in the city, I spent DAYS syncing the film to the sound on an Avid with my editor. Old school for sure, good thing I learned a few things at Bard about no budget shoots… I think I used every film school trick in the book to make it look otherwise but really it cost us $1000 for the whole thing. Check out Reni Lane’s homepage for the photos I shot of her around the same time as the video.

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