G Star Raw Sustainable Denim

G-Star RAW Sustainable collection for Spring/Summer 2011 is well done, well priced, wearable and best of all contributes to our never ending dialogue on the environment and reducing consumption on one level even as we promote it on another. The line reduces the use of conventional cotton and is comprised of three small lines, each with its own specifics: RAW Organic (blue label), RAW Nettle (green label) and RAW Recycled (orange label). RAW Organic uses only natural processes during manufacturing, minimizing the need for pesticides and other pollutants. RAW Nettle combines organic cotton with nettle plant fibers, to create a heavily reduced environmental footprint, while RAW Recycled blends post-consumer denim waste that has been broken down into cotton fibers with organic cotton to give a second life to the original material. These pieces along with the full G-Star Raw collection will be available at the LA store at 7966 Melrose Ave between Hayworth and Edinburgh and online. G Star is also opening three new West Coast stores over the next few weeks.

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