Knockout Knockoffs

There was some press today about a Target bag that looks remarkably similar to the Proenza Schouler messenger bag. It’s interesting because I was having this exact dialogue, which is certainly not news at all in the fashion industry, with a couple of friends at dinner the other night. I found this amazing late 60’s Gucci bag above at a vintage shop in Bel Air a few months back and was shocked at how identical it was to the Dior saddle bag that was so hugely popular years ago when Galliano first started at Dior. And then a friend pointed out the similarity of the vintage (and most recent) Alpinestars boot to the Chanel one from last season. Knockoffs are nothing new and certainly will never disappear but it is always interesting to find people’s “references” so to speak. Inspiration is a circular motion so it’s no surprise that things tend to resurface, especially when they are done well to begin with. Most designers source vintage for their inspiration every season but in the case of Target they are inside that sphere of mass designers that really do knock things off. I am not entirely sure where the line is drawn these days but I admit, sometimes I like a good knock off if it’s a dress or a shoe but never a bag. Bags should remain pure and original in every respect.

The beautiful and original current Gucci bag, above…

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