Maintenance 101

Maintenance is exhausting. Being a beauty product junkie is one thing but the amount of time we spend every month on maintenance is a whole other subject. Between the waxings, the blow outs, the manis, the pedis, the color touch ups and the occasional scramble for an outfit that hasn’t been recycled a hundred times to wear to an event that will last less than two hours… it’s not surprising that for some it’s a full time job. And god help us before a first date. I’m not sure most men realize the amount of time, effort and money women invest in looking effortlessly good especially for a first date. Thank god for anything that saves us time and for beauty products that actually work and deliver. I love this line SK-II. Love the marketing campaign behind it as well, something about the idea of sake soaked hands never aging seems so graceful and enticing. I Kind of want some of my other products to run out so I can start using these full time instead of just taste testing.

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