Rodial Snake Serum Line

Sticking to the theme that beauty products can ultimately save the world (I do truly believe that, imagine if everyone felt great about who they are and loved themselves enough to love everyone else around them….) New for spring, Rodial has launched a line of snake serum products including the Snake Mask and Snake Pen, which I have been rotating the past few weeks and kind of obsessing over. Each product contains the key active ingredient syn-ake, which is a “neuropeptide that mimics the effects of temple venom’s viper to instantly lift the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles”. I love how that sounds. Call me a romantic but I really genuinely love beauty products and the hope they can instill. The Snake Serum launched in March and the Snake Mask and Snake Pen are launching this month. All products are available at Nordstrom stores and online.

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