RIP, Tim Hetherington

Yesterday the world lost a great heart and great talent. British journalist and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was shot and killed in the Libyan city of Misrata while doing what he did best, keeping us informed and reminding us of where the rest of the world is. I saw his Oscar nominated film Restrepo that he did with Sebastian Junger a few months ago and was blown away by it. There are not a lot of films made like that and it reminded me of a whole other side to life that I thankfully have never really dealt with. After the screening Tim and Sebastian answered questions in a quiet thoughtful manner. When I asked if he felt journalists become addicted to being in the trenches amidst the war process as much as the soldiers seem to, his answer veered towards yes. There was a quiet truthful energy in the room throughout the night, and the knowledge that you were sitting amidst several great men and women, those that served in a myriad of ways, Tim being one of them. May he rest in peace, his work and spirit will outlive all of us. That’s Tim above on the right with a soldier in Afghanistan…

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