Basic Must Haves Every Woman Needs

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There are certain things every woman needs in her closet, basics that not only last forever as far as style is concerned, but comfy pieces that round out most looks when you are layering for any occasion. I am a firm believer that every closet needs a casual army jacket to layer over jeans, dresses, even night time date looks depending on where you are headed. The color never goes out of style and this vintage army jacket is perfect. A black cotton mini and basic denim skirt are two great versatile pieces to dress up or down; shiny tops and heels, t-shirts and converse, along with button down shirts, heels and blazers, neither will ever go out of circulation. Speaking of buttons and blazers, no woman should live without a basic black blazer and the perfect crisp white shirt. I don’t believe in spending an entire paycheck on a lot of things in fashion; I don’t buy into $150 white t shirts, or $2000 jeans, or even $2500 boots, though I will happily ogle them online. I do believe in investing in a solid grown up black blazer like this one from Balmain. Rag & Bone is always reliable for one of these as well and highly recommended. I wore one of my blazers from R&B for years and only recently accepted its untimely death. Everyone knows you need a simple pair of black heels and brown riding boots, and it’s ok to spend months finding the perfect pleated midi skirt, which I promise you will go with so much you already have in your closet if you shop right. All that said, it is perfectly understandable to splurge on a pair of fringe boots every once in a while, because, rules be damned, life is short.

black heelsfrye bootsfringe bootsPleated midi skirt

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