Bill Blass Spring Summer 2012 & George Cortina

I loved the collection Jeffrey Monteiro at Bill Blass showed. It was simple, beautiful and chic. And styled impeccably as always by George Cortina who I assisted for several years (1997-99 I think, right before I went to work for Polly Mellen). I always say that I learned how to be a fashion editor from Polly and how to be a stylist from George. He was a huge influence on me and I will always admire his eye and skills as a stylist. He taught me a lot during the time I assisted him and for that I will always be grateful. More pics and looks below (including a really old one of George from a shoot we did in the British Virgin Islands…)

Below, George Cortina in the British Virgin Islands circa 1998. Those might be Richard Phibbs’ photo assistants in the background. We were on a shoot for Structure and The Limited.

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