Chef Dance, Eddie Bauer, Cat Footwear, Woolrich, & More


You can’t walk two feet on Main Street in Park City without seeing some really great fashion, a lot of it acquired right there at the festival from all the generous brands who come out for the first weekend. This year we stopped by a few of the suites to say hello to old friends and get our snow fashion vibe in full effect. I got a new pair of super cute boots from CAT Footwear and some new bangles from NY-based Alex & Ani, at the TR Suites at The Blue Iguana Lounge, and a cute new coat from Eddie Bauer, which came in handy despite the unusually warm weather (no one is complaining!) In between film screenings we stopped at the Stella Artois cafe for lunch, where LA’s Animal restaurant took over for its second Sundance. The shrimp toast was out of this world, ditto all the salads and the pulled pork dish they had on the menu. My road trip continues, I can’t stop eating pulled pork when presented with the option (#BadJewishVegetarian). Woolrich presented their new collection of coats Monday evening at the Variety lounge and EcoLuxe was working with a couple of newly launched brands including J. Andre beauty sponges, which they gave me and I will pass onto my favorite make up artist, an old friend from NY who just moved to LA a few months ago, Elie Maalouf. The Barefoot Athletic Co, a great new line of comfy post-skiing / hiking shoes and other organic, recycled and sustainable products launched by Tracey Strandness was also there. Friday and Saturday evening we went to the dinners hosted by Chef Dance, a beautiful tradition of inviting great chefs to cook for the cast, teams and guests of some of the films screening during the festival. The food is always fantastic and one of the most fun ways to meet new people from all over the place. I also ate my weight in Chobani yogurt and Luna Bars, both were official festival sponsors who fed us, and let us stuff meal bars in our bags while we chased films around Park City and stood in line for sometimes an hour and half before screenings. Yes, that is what happens. It’s not all parties and free booze though who’s complaining. Sundance is heaven no matter what team you pick for the week. As with anything in life,a good balance is best.

photo 5
Inside the awesome Stella Artois cafe with food by LA-based guys Animal.

photo 4
Dinner with Chef Dance. Always a unique colorful experience, with incredible food and company.

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