Nothing is True & Everything is Possible

A_Nothing is True and Everything is Possible

A friend of ours who we used to drink and talk politics with in Moscow just had his first book of essays published about modern day Russia. Peter Pomerantsev‘s observations are interesting and accurate about the country that gave birth to me, which I love and hate pretty equally. The perfect title of the book, “Nothing is True And Everything is Possible,” sounds a lot like LA too. Both cities have a lot more in common than either would probably like to admit: new money, young models, trophy wives, fast cars, and a very distorted sense of reality amidst a small portion of the population that thinks it not only runs the world but that the world wouldn’t run without it. I was going to post some fun photos of Peter from our rowdy expat days below but I think he will appreciate this memory lane photo shoot more, which I did at the dacha we all shared in the summers. Peter will be at Half King at 505 W 23rd this Monday December 8th at 7pm for a reading and signing.

dacha 1dacha 2dacha 3dacha 4dacha 5dacha 6dacha 7dacha 8
The shoot ran in Celeste magazine.

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