Pre-Holiday Gift Guide, Part One

skull cashmere gloves
I want to sleep in these Skull Cashmere fingerless gloves I just got. I think this may be the best pair of gloves I have ever owned, not kidding. Soft and lush, I am terrified of losing them the way you do with most gloves. I may just have to wear them around the house. More gift giving ideas below. I know it’s barely November but I got really excited about some of these things and if we are friends, don’t look because chances are high you are on my list for something below.

bag YSLbag valentino
If you love me you will buy me this YSL clutch. I mean, if you love your girlfriend or sister or mother or best friend, she will freak out like there is no tomorrow if she opens a box and finds this staring back at her. Serioulsy. The Valentino shoulder bag ain’t a bad way to go either.

111 shops in new yorkcreed candle

111 Shops In New York That You Must Not Miss, which hits shelves November 15th, is a must even if you think you know every shop in the city. The usual suspects abound; Russ & Daughters, The Strand, Forbidden Planet, Pearl River and Housing Works but it still makes for a great resource, especially for your out of town friends. They even included Casey’s Rubber Stamps on 11th St along with a great list of obscure book and art shops, bakeries, thrift stores and a lot of fun things to do and explore in a city where there is always something new to discover no matter how cynical we get. Anything from Creed is always a win, the scents are timeless even in their candles.

hyalo plasma perricone
The latest anti-ageing miracle, Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma cream for the beauty junkies.

estancia wine bars
Estancia wine infused bakery bars, which they created with Silverland Bakery. There is the Estancia Chardonnay White Chocolate Caramel Bar and the Estancia Pinot Noir Bakery Bar. Someone will either love you or hate you for this. I personally would love a package to Soul Cycle along with this gift.

gift phonographgilmore-girls-dvd-box-set

An old phonograph is one of those gifts you can only give to someone you know well but I think it’s kind of cool. Perfect for planning an outing with the Life & Death Brigade. If you are not familiar with that secret society, I would highly recommend the Gilmore Girls box set, the best guilty pleasure ever after The Bachelor franchise. Though much smarter than all of the bachelors combined.

album sonic youthcolor vinyl sonic youth

If you decide to go with the Gilmore Girls box set you may want to include some Sonic Youth limited edition vinyl to make the gift complete. And if you have never seen Gilmore Girls, aren’t you just a little curious now? They are way existential.

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