Gilmore Girls


My guiltiest of guilty pleasures is coming to Netflix! Starting October 1st all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, one of the greatest shows ever, starts airing online. Note, there is no sarcasm here. Not that I need Netflix since I have all seven seasons on DVD and have indulged in watching said seasons over and over and over again for years (if I ever played hooky during fashion week, I was most likely curled up in a blissful state in my East Village nook watching episode after episode of this comfort food show). I know it may come as a shock but if you indulge in this schlock it’s actually full of brilliant cultural and musical layers buried beneath the insane dialogue. Sonic Youth and Black Flag cameos and references aside the show provides an endless list of girls-of-all-ages fantasies cloaked behind a feminist glaze, which allows a modern woman like myself to not only love the undertone of the wealthy conveniences of the show but to feel good while doing it because all the women and girls in Stars Hollow are cool and independent as hell. To summarize, we’ve got a mother and daughter, both young, thin and beautiful, who eat like truck drivers without consequence (or Soul Cycle). Then there’s the wealthy beyond our wildest dreams family who appear at just the right moment to provide Rory with a private school education, Yale tuition and a new car at graduation plus all the perks in between. A small cute town (note the gazebo in Hart of Dixie) where you can chat with Norman Mailer and bump into Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Coco playing music on a corner, and the cherry on the sundae (several actually) is there are not one but three hot boyfriends for Rory to choose from: a sleek and sexy waspy wealthy type who gives Birken bags as every day gifts, an even hotter smart ass artsy writer type who is well, just so hot, and the local good guy, sexy townie. And you still read books and are able to make all the right choices when faced with tough dilemmas. Hi Gilmore Girls, can I sit with you?

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