Wacoal & B.Tempted

Years ago on one of my first trips to Paris I was walking, exploring and bouncing around (I don’t want to digress but walking and seeing where you randomly end up is one of the greatest things to do in Paris) when I stumbled on a cute lingerie shop on Rue St. Honore where the shopgirl, and I use the term ‘girl’ lightly as she was closer to my mom’s age than mine, insisted on measuring me for my proper bra size. It was the first time since middle school that I had done that and as it turned out I was of course wearing the wrong size. The subject of proper bra sizes has been coming up a lot lately (I swear, I’m not making this up, in the last year alone its been brought up countless times, there’s something in the air). So when Wacoal announced they were landing in LA for a Spring collection preview and an offer to measure and fit me properly I said hell yeah, bring it! Ok, I didn’t really say THAT but let’s just say I went willingly because several people had told me I was probably once again wearing the wrong size. It’s one of those things we rarely think about but our bra size does change throughout our lives for whatever reasons (and I don’t mean intentionally through surgery) so this week I once more found out I had moved up a size (again, without surgery, call me lucky!)

Wacoal is known for great basic bras but recently they’ve added some really gorgeous new colors and sexy lacey bits I’m obsessing over. I’m still on my all things mandarin kick so was excited to see the color in the new B.Tempted Spring line. The thing about wearing a proper bra size is you end up changing the whole shape of your body with just that one small detail. Sounds easy but ask anyone, the right bra and a good fit is not an easy task so thanks to the gals at Wacoal for bringing some old school skills to our LA ‘hood (ok, it was at Sunset Tower… old school, yes… ‘hood? Not so much). Classic Wacoal above and their more sultry B.Tempted line below.

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