Sundance 2012, Last Day of Films

Sadly I had to come home at some point so yesterday was my last day of films at Sundance and they were good ones. Price Check with Parker Posey who I ADORE. She plays a raving lunatic bitch boss and does it brilliantly. Why is she not in more films these days? Whatever, I am glad she is back and want more more more of her. Safety Not Guaranteed was FANTASTIC!! I am kind of obsessed with the guy from The New Girl, Jake M Johnson, who plays the journalist and Aubrey Plaza is awesome! Love watching her. And my last film for this Sundance season was an afternoon screening of LUV which, frankly, I loved. If you’re a fan of The Wire (which I am) you’ll love it too. It was shot in Baltimore which is where I grew up (well, not exactly in the same neighborhood but fifteen minutes outside the city proper), so it was fun to see all the familiar streets. During high school we spent a lot of time downtown going to punk shows (Haur House on North ave and other shabby holes). The story was raw and at times hard to watch which is sort of the point but the little boy is amazing and let’s be honest, staring at Common for two hours is not hard to do. The only thing that really bugged me was the ending. Even though in the streets of Baltimore its perfectly plausible that an 11 year old would drive a car (illegaly obviously) I thought the last scene was unnecessary and undercut all the other good stuff in the film. They should have ended it two scenes before that. Anyway, I don’t want to give anything away but when it gets bought and released they need to cut that last scene out. And I loved Your Sister’s Sister starring Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt, great story, so fun to watch! Such a funtastic Sundance 2012! Thanks for the inspiration, film memories, blisters and sleepless nights. I loved every minute of it! Bring on 2013.

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