We.Ar Parrot Campaign

Last month I shot the new ad campaign for We.Ar A Parrot company’s new digital fashion brand. Simon Kotyk and Stevie Defelice are the gorgeous faces above. And below, more photos from the campaign and the video I shot, directed and edited. Continue reading

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Marcus Marr, Familiar Five

New track for the week. Obsession worthy. Music and lyrics written by Marcus Marr, who also produced and mixed the track, with additional synth by Ken Chic. Enjoy.

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Something Left to Want, Short Story, 1998

I’ve been writing again a lot the past few years; scripts, treatments, essays and stories for a book about everything, overexposing the raw bits. The short story below is separate from all that, I’d forgotten I even wrote it twenty years ago and stumbled on it by accident in one of my old journals while doing ‘research’ (remembering stuff) for my book. I wrote it in NYC the fall of 1998, at the tail end of my Bard MFA years while going back and forth between New York and Moscow shooting photos and short films, agonizing over the past. That fall I also started my first job at Conde Nast, assisting Polly Mellen at Allure, though this story has nothing to with her or the job, it reflects that moment in time. It was that period and place in life in your Twenties when we learn on the go. Mom and I emigrated to the US from the Soviet Union in 1979 and my learning curve from age seven when we landed in Baltimore ‘fresh off the boat,’ to twenty-two, when I graduated Bard film school and started working at Conde Nast, was steep. There was so much I didn’t know, about “society” and money and sushi (don’t ask). I was a fast learner but I didn’t even know how to “fake it till you make it,” I just went and did what felt right to me and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. It took years to unscramble all the things I was supposed to know in the circles I found myself surrounded by. My life’s motto: In moments when there is nothing left to lose there is always something left to want. Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Remember how Cher Horowitz in Clueless gets a sense of peace and control in a chaotic world from shopping at The Galleria? That’s how I feel sometimes when putting together a good gift guide. So many dreams and wishes about to be fulfilled. Or at least fantasized about, which is still a great escape, and who doesn’t need that pretty much all day every day these days… Above, Chloe Gosselin spring 2018 shoes, pre-order now and get them in January. More goodies below… Happy Holidays! Here’s praying for impeachment any day now… wouldn’t that be the best gift of all? Continue reading

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I directed, shot and co-wrote (with the lead actress, Taylor Foster) a new short film earlier this year. Since Sundance is around the corner, I thought now was as good a time as any to share it. They announced the feature films selected today, which this year included a few very talented friends, who I am thrilled for. The official synopsis and the film itself (running time 10 minutes) are below. Continue reading

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Best Blow Out in the East Village

Great news NYC: there’s a hidden gem at 208 East 7th Street between Avenues B & C that has $25 blow outs which will (sorry in advance for the blatant beauty pun) blow you away. Owner Rose, who opened the much needed beauty salvation spot, Perfection Beauty Salon (646-454-9827) five years ago, not only does a badass hair do but also takes appointments and is open Sundays (*ladies of the LES know this is not always the case and we are grateful when it is). I’m torn on spreading the word because, you know, I’m a selfish beauty addict who always wants an appointment when I want it but I also want to spread the love and good beauty vibes. Enjoy xx Photo Credits: hair above is by Kelli Christine, my favorite West Coast hair daze babe, makeup Elie Maalouf, photography & styling me.

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Pussy Riot, Police State

I think it can be hard for Americans born and bred in the US to imagine what real propaganda and a police state look like so let those of us born and bred in police states tell you: it looks a lot like what that orange piece of shit is trying to do to America right now. Ignorance breeds not only hate but real consequences. Journalism, free media, the right to protest and speak out are all part of the beautiful American way, which is why so many of us emigrated here. My mom and I experienced first hand what life is like living in a totalitarian regime. If you are curious, read Lev Golinkin’s incredible memoir, “A Backpack, a Bear, and Eight Creates of Vodak,” which I just read (and LOVED!!!). It reflects the experience of a lot of Russian Jewish refugees who came to the US in the late 70’s and 80’s. Including my whole family. In the meantime, watch Pussy Riot’s new music video for “Police State,” released today. Chloe Savigny makes an appearance as well. Continue reading

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Hit So Hard by Patty Schemel

Patty Schemel’s book, “Hit So Hard,” just came out and arrived in the mail Tuesday night and I can’t put it down. She is the legendary drummer of Hole, who I felt like I had known a million punk years when we met the summer of 2016, when we volunteered at Rock n Roll Camp for Girls. She and I got to wax nostalgic about old punk rock days, the summer when Dave Grohl left Scream and joined Nirvana in 1990, and everything in the world changed. Years of nostalgia, hope, pain and glory… It’s a beautiful honest book, same as Patty herself. She is amazing. Thank you for sharing!xx

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Elie Tahari Spring 2018 Video #1

Shot, directed and edited by me, music by The Blaze, track is “Territory,” which I am completely addicted to. Watch below. Continue reading

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Preview of another ad campaign I photographed & styled, coming out next year… Continue reading

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