March 2017 New Releases

There are three new releases I am really looking forward to in March. Joan Juliet Buck‘s long awaited memoir, The Price of Illusion goes on sale March 7th. The legendary writer and ex-French Vogue editor recounts her childhood amidst a world of literary and art world greats, as well as her years in Paris with Conde Nast. Detroit’s Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, known as Adult, finally have a new album coming out, Detroit House Guests, which will be released March 17th on Mute Records. Watch a preview of the album as well as the new video for “They’re Just Words,” featuring Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas J McCarthy directed by Hazel Hill McCarthy III, below. Also, below is the trailer of director Ry Russo Young’s new film, Before I Fall, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and will open March 3rd. Continue reading

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West Coast Winter Photo Shoot

New photo shoot, photographed and styled by me, with model Becky B, Elie Maalouf’s gorgeous make up and Kelli Christine’s fabulous hair. Rita Vineries gown under a Naked Wardrobe sweater with Vince Camuto heels above, and more below. Continue reading

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Erin Fetherston Fall 2017 Runway

Last week I styled and did the runway music for Erin Fetherston’s Fall 2017 show. Check out all of the looks below, in order of our run of show. I curated the tracks and worked with musician and DJ Erik Tonnesen on the mix. Music above, including new stuff from Freedom Frye, Royksopp and Naked & Famous, as well as favorites from Tame Impala, Transviolet and Warpaint. I’ve got this soundtrack spinning daily on repeat right now. Continue reading

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New Erin Fetherston Shoot

I photographed this in October 2016, during an event Erin Fetherston had at her home in LA to preview her Spring 2017 collection, which we had just shown on the runway in NY. More pics from the photo shoot below. Continue reading

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Erupt & Matter, Moby

Moby released a video for his track. “Erupt & Matter,” off the album he released last year with the Void Pacific Choir. I’ll just leave this here.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I am taking a hiatus from consumption as of January 2017, but will shop til I drop until then, especially for friends and family for the holidays. First on our list is a subscription to the New York Times and Washington Post, and small (or large!) contributions to all of the groups we love and support who will need us even more the next four years. After that, the fun stuff below is high on my list of what to buy and enjoy as this insane year comes to an end. For the beauty junkie in your life, see above: Clarins introduced these effective booster serums a few months ago, which can be added to any of your regular face creams morning and night, for an extra skin pick me up. More gift ideas below. Continue reading

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Boots & Bags That Won’t Break The Bank

Nanette Lepore Halle lace-up peep-toe booties, Steve Madden ankle boots, Lulu’s cute clutch in blush and a Foley + Corinna Daisy Patchwork Leather saddle bag.

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Kick in The Bass, Featuring Sisterwife

Addicted to this new track, “Kick in The Bass,” just released last week, from New York’s Darku J, the LA duo Styles&Complete, and musician and singer SISTERWIFE, who seems to be keeping her identity on the down low so I won’t mention she is a hot ass chick from LA we all know and love. Listen above and watch the kick ass video below. See if you recognize her face. Continue reading

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Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim


“Paintings painted by the intellect are not artwork.” Agnes Martin

I went to the Agnes Martin show at the Guggenheim this week. It was the perfect companion to the time I spent in Big Sur a couple of weeks ago (see below). Ms. Martin spent her life painting feelings of joy, gratitude and light, which she often found in nature. Her lines seem simple until you look closely at the details and layers, which soothe and meditate on positivity. She was a schizophrenic, prone to long periods alone, and for the first twenty years she destroyed all of her work on a yearly basis because she felt it wasn’t good enough. It was only at 44 when she decided to share her work with the world and had her first solo show in NYC, where she moved to in 1957. Eventually she left NYC and spent a year and half driving alone across Canada and the US before settling in New Mexico where she lived out the rest of her life. She continued to paint literally until the day she died in 2004. Th painting above is her last, produced that same year. I was fascinated by her work and her life and spent a few hours staring, breathing and taking it all in, the same way I did while sitting amidst the Redwoods. The show is up until January 11th, 2017.

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Glen Oaks, Big Sur


Big Sur, the mecca of beauty and thought, light and love, hope and the American wilderness dream. It was only fitting that after the travesty of the election I ran away to the most incredible place in the world and settled for a few nights in a cabin at Glen Oaks, amidst the Redwoods and silence of Big Sur. Glen Oaks, which underwent a big renovation about ten years ago under new owners, is modern wilderness chic defined. From the peaceful cabins in the woods to the roadside motel rooms, which resemble a cross between your favorite friends woodsy home and the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, Glen Oaks is ideal for one night or one week, or in my case, the dream… one month or one year. Each room comes equipped with a copy of Henry Miller’s epic Big Sur & The Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch and thankfully no TV or radios or alarm clocks, though phones and wifi are provided. The rooms do have plenty of Continue reading

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