Zimmerman Fall 2015

A_Zimmerman 17

Zimmerman fall 2015, seventies layers (what else is new on the runway and yet we never tire of it right?) and chiffon prints, cool hats and a sweet masculine feminine vibe (again, I never tire of this one either). More fabulous chic below. Continue reading

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What to Expect This Spring, Entertainment Trends

A_slow west

Slow West, which I missed at Sundance but finally got to see yesterday at a screening in Beverly Hills (it’s as good as everyone said it was; great story, pacing and cast), opens in May, meaning expect to see Michael Fassbender on a GQ cover. Below, more things to do in May and Spring trends and news of whats to come in film and beyond. Watch the trailer for Slow West below as well. Continue reading

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Girl in a Band


I can not wait for this book to come out, which is happening on February 24th from Harper Collins. Like almost every other socially adverse, politically punk child from the 80’s, I grew up on Sonic Youth and Kim Gordon. I wasn’t necessarily obsessed but in extreme awe and when I got to photograph her at their home in Massachusetts, I was so intimidated. I wish I hadn’t been so nervous but come on, she is Kim Gordon, anything but just a ‘girl in a band.’

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Kelly Frye


Last weekend we did a photo shoot in the streets of LA with the gorgeous Kelly Frye, a Texas girl with a million dollar laugh and acting chops for miles. My friend Elie Maalouf did make up and Kelli Christine Faszer did hair. I’ve had a fetish for LA walls, graphics and architecture for years so they provided the perfect backdrop for our fashion follies. More pics from our adventures below. Continue reading

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Tess Giberson Fall 2015


Tess Giberson just does not lose her touch, ever. Stellar collection of gorgeous layers, knits and everything we want to wear not just for fall and winter but all year long. LOVE! Continue reading

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Lonely Whale

52 Lonely Whale52 Lonely Whale52 Lonely Whale52 Lonely Whale

There are so many reasons for this film to get made. A documentary on the lonely whale, who has apparently never been seen only heard and never by his own species because he ‘speaks’ at a completely different decibel than other whales, is a study in science, nature, and humanity all at once. Adrian Grenier is producing the documentary, and as always putting his money where his mouth is by supporting causes near and dear to his heart, which also happen to be near and dear to my own. Our environment has been in crisis for decades (anyone who went to high school with me will recall the only 9th grader within vicinity screaming about the ozone layer and recycling in 1988) and this creature has been out there for decades calling out amidst isolation and oceanic noise pollution, which comes in so many forms. Last night Adrian along with the filmmakers and their friends and family of supporters, launched a Kickstarter campaign at an event in Venice, to raise $300,000 to fund the expedition to find the whale, which would be historic to say the least. Watch the sizzle, donate a little money and wait for the mystery to be solved. Continue reading

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Alexander McQueen Pre Fall 2015


Alexander McQueen pre-Fall 2015 collection. Continue reading

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Snoop Dogg Performs at the 3rd Annual Pre-Grammy’s Party

Levis Snoop Dog

Another epic night from Levi’s and Snoop Dogg, the team du jour. Last night at Hollywood’s Palladium Snoop Dogg performed at the 3rd Annual Pre-Grammy’s party with a stellar line up of friends, and 3,000 super fans. His highly anticipated new album, Bush, produced by Pharrell, will be out in the Spring of 2015. The opener was Diplo with Skrillex, followed by Snoop at Midnight, with Pharrell, and a surprise appearance from Chaka Khan, who had just come from the Essence Black Women in Music event. We danced for hours and also spent some quality time, between performances, in the ladies room making short films. More pics below. Thanks as always to Levi’s for making our lives jam packed with creative love and inspiration (*and new 501CT jeans). Continue reading

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Obligatory Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Dolce HeelsBag _GIvenchyClarins lip balmA_Pleated Dress

Don’t be fooled, this is basically a list of things I want. I am not buying gifts for anyone on V-Day so think of this as a narcissistic exercise, but isn’t V-Day just that anyway? I’m in a fight with romance. That said, aren’t these Dolce Gabbana heels gorgeous? Ditto the Givenchy patent leather tote, Clarins lip balm, Smythson notebook, and this cute pleated shirt dress with a drawstring waist. Continue reading

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Sundance 2015, What To Watch, Part 2

dope still

If you’re watching films at Sundance you’re basically living through a week long manic episode of laughing crying, laughing crying, laughing crying. It’s like The Cars’ “Drive” video with Paulina gone haywire. Seriously, it’s emotionally draining (in the best way possible). Also slightly similar to the first season of Glee. Anyway, I digress. Here are the rest of the films that kept me up from 7am til midnight in Park City, including the one above that nailed it on all counts. Dope has everything: a great script, a cool young cast, and a fantastic story line full of heart, soul, depth, music, intelligence and just the right touch of political undertones, that makes my heart go boom. Rick Famuyiwa directed this breath of fresh funny air, which Forest Whitaker produced (I love the Continue reading

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