Travel in Style, Pack Light

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Traveling light is my favorite way to go. I hate checking luggage and usually only travel with two bags, my carry on and a large purse where I can squeeze a few extra things (belt, beauty products, maybe even my laptop or iPad and magazines, of course). In the carry on, I take as little as possible and as much as I can that can be recycled throughout my trip. Shorts are a great way to minimize if you’re going somewhere warm. I love this Equipment shirt with Rebecca taylor shorts and Banana Republic sandals. Change into an orange silk blouse and Sergio Rossi heels at night. I like to switch out my wallet for a cute clutch when I travel so the shift from day to night is even easier. A bag that can fit a ton of stuff like this Michael Kors one is perfect, ditto the Alexander McQueen studded clutch which can be your wallet by day and evening bag at night.

orange blousesergio rossi heelstravel_mcqueen clutchShorts_Rebecca

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